Alicia V Carr

All about Alicia

At the age of 18 in high school, I had the opportunity to put my hands on an IBM punch card. After that experience, I knew I wanted program computers. Fate and money made it an impossible task to pursue my dream.  My destiny had me getting married, having kids and following my husband though his military career. When we moved to Virginia, I worked in retail and got real tired of the weekends and no challenges.

I made the decision to take courses in MSDos and Dbase and added these skills to my resume.

I began applying for jobs at every bank in town and finally got a job as an database programmer.  Thats when my career officially began in tech.

Getting that taste of tech, I continued to teach myself everything about computers, from building desktops, to learning different desktop software, and teaching my self how to code (HTML, Java, C++).

I am a Developer

Thank to GitHub deciding to do a short documentary on me creating an domestic violence app called PEVO. I started building PEVO in January 2014 and now working on PEVO to be an national app.

Alicia Videos

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